Pop-up pornography

After the success of Avatar last year, 3D has become a significant transition for new visual technology. Despite having to still wear the big awkward (yet more stylish) glasses, people have welcomed it with open arms.

“It’s a moment of television history.” Alan Parry, the commentator at the match said, “You’ll see every shot, every tackle and every save in a way you’ve never seen before. I’m sure it will revolutionise the way we watch live sports.”

Sport became hot on cinema’s heels with it broadcasted its first 3D live football match earlier this year. The match between Manchester United and Arsenal, on 31st January, changed television history and gave its audience a new way of watching their screens.

Despite the phenomena that 3D has caused, it can be argued that this newfound technology may be exploited at a seedier level. A few days prior to the match, an Italian director, Tinto Brass, announced his plans to make the world’s first 3D pornographic film.

He is reknowned for his 1979 film, Caligula, which received media criticism after his collaborator, Bob Guccione added explicit sex scenes in post-production without Brass’ consent. Penthouse publisher, Guccione defended his decision for including the scenes as a true reflection of pagan Rome.

Upon his announcement, Brass said that he had wanted to “revisit an abandoned project about a Roman emperor that was ruined by Americans, and go from there.” This has been rumored to a possible remake of Caligula now that 3D technology has launched a new popularity and interest in its audience.

Although there are, currently, a select number of adult websites which offer 3D erotic movies, there is not one that uses the same technology used in Avatar. Brass hopes to use the modern stereoscopic technology rather than the old-fashioned red and blue lense glyph version.

Stereoscopic technology uses a type of camera with two or more lenses. For each lens, there is a separate image sensor. This simulates the human vision allowing it to create a three dimensional image.

Brass intends to start shooting this summer and if he manages to achieve success with his film, it can be questioned whether it will change the face of pornography.

With the reaction received from Avatar, it has been seen as a step towards a transformed way of viewing television and film. Yet, can using the same type of technology make pornography, can I say, sleazy? The ability to make sex scenes three-dimensional could be considered a step too far. The modern version of 3D has been described as revolutionary and has enhanced the audience’s visual experience.

The sex industry has moved further from the days when lap dances and escorting services were centric to the business plan. Now, customers can buy their products from the likes of Amazon and eBay to satisfy all their sexual desires. The sex industry has adapted and built itself alongside the evolution of modern technology to provide pornography at a new level. The more that cinematic technology improves, the more realistic pornography can become.

The porn industry first used 3D in 1969 for a soft-core film called, ‘The Stewardess’ which made 27 million dollars in two years. It’s clear that sex sells, but, how far does the industry have to go to keep the business booming? The opportunity to feel ‘almost’ involved with the movie could become an issue for its audience and the sex industry. The ethical and moral dilemmas can only justify why 3D pornography will only encourage the chance to ‘escape reality’ to live out their viewers’ sexual fantasies.

Otis Shaw, an employee of adult entertainment shop, Leather and Lace, explained what his views are on 3D pornography.

Do you think that 3D pornography is the way forward?

Otis: 3D Porn is definitely only a gimmick and the publication companies obviously have enough money to waste on it. I do believe the last 3D magazine we had in the shop was a Hustler or Mayfair publication. It’s not for companies that are likely to go bust in the near future.

Do you think that it would create a new generation of ‘sleaze’ because images like breasts are ‘popping’ out at you?

Otis: There is a new generation of sleaze and its called Japan. Men (and Women) who are drawn to pornography are looking for a quick fix, not a silly pair of glasses and blurred print. I think you will find that most consumers will go for the cheapest wank they can find.

Do you think 3D pornography will boost the sex industry or will it stay the same?

Otis: 3D porn will never have an effect such as the internet has had. This has affected the porn industry as far as sales are concerned but thankfully most of our clients cannot even switch on a computer and still pay up to £30 for this pleasure. 3D Porn will perhaps attract a trainspotter or two who collects weird magazines to sell on eBay, nothing else will come of it. We no longer stock 3D as there is no demand. Transexual grannies however…

This is what the public has to say about the future of 3D pornography:

Thomas Hopkins: “I believe if you’re going to pay for 3D porn, you might as well spend that little bit extra and get a lady for the night.”

Nicola Cunningham: “No – I think it’s just evolution of film, exactly the way that standard films are evolving. As long as it’s still regulated then I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.’

Sean Salhab: “It’s a natural transition for those who were aroused by Tomb Raider and Manga novels when they were younger!”

Adam Bergin: “How interactive does pornography need to be? This just seems a step too far, if it’s 3D porn now then what will we have in 20 or 30 years?”

Matthew Lee: “Weird concept, but with the way technology has come so far I won’t be surprised if it does make that media transition eventually.”

Words by Melissa Wong
Photography by Alicia Warner


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