Fashion in Focus: Jodi McCann

Arriving at Che Camille through vintage wood panelled elevator doors I am passed by a sharply dressed girl, wearing a crushed velvet jacket, skirt and magnificent studded heels, “Jodi?” I ask tentatively “Oh! Hiya! I just have to run down to the bathroom and fix my makeup, I’ll be back in two minutes.” I smile as the doors close and I walk in to the clean crisp loft showroom.

My first meeting with the captivating Miss McCann in Che Camille boutique, in Bunchanan Street, Glasgow, starts as it is to go on, warm and casual. I sit down on a sofa that wouldn’t look out of place in 221b Baker Street. Cup of tea in one hand and notebook in the other I compose myself for McCann’s return.

A warm handshake and good afternoon starts off our interview and questions soon lead on to what she is wearing today. The jacket is one of her own creations and her heels a backup pair while her snow covered suede boots dry by the heater. “So, are you enjoying working at Che Camille?” McCann smiles and says she is enjoying her internship at the design house and it has given her an amazing chance to network with other people in the fashion industry. We go on to chat about her recently released collection, Smut, Moustaches and Jodi McCann, inspired by the French artist Orlan, Parisian fashion and luxurious fabrics. Her nervous excitement is evident at the idea of the world seeing the pieces she had slaved over for months.

A sip of tea and straight on to McCann’s style heroes, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood. Sadly thelaunch of McCann’s new collection coincided with McQueen’s death.

On a less sombre note we go on to her style influences in Scotland ranging from Harris Tweed to The ineffable Timorous Beasties. “I was looking at their fabrics the other day and they’re like £70 a roll but they’re gorgeous,” says McCann. “I can’t wait till I can afford them. Their lace is gorgeous, I’d love to do a dress out of their cotton or lace, it’s just too expensive right now. But yeah, I love it.” McCann’s excitement is palpable – she comes across as someone who is truly passionate and driven about her career. Although she says she never likes to plan too far ahead, judging by our charming afternoon together at Che Camille it is easy to see she has nothing to worry about. Her quirky design style, along with her love of exquisite fabrics and tailoring should ensure a lengthy and diverse career in Scottish fashion.

Words and photography by Kirsty-Lee Kerr


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