Pop-up pornography

10 03 2010

After the success of Avatar last year, 3D has become a significant transition for new visual technology. Despite having to still wear the big awkward (yet more stylish) glasses, people have welcomed it with open arms.

“It’s a moment of television history,” said Alan Parry, the commentator at the match. “You’ll see every shot, every tackle and every save in a way you’ve never seen before. I’m sure it will revolutionise the way we watch live sports.”

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Surfing the Web Securely

3 03 2010

With the increase of Internet use, there comes a wealth of information sharing, entertainment options, e-commerce possibilities and convenience. However, this doesn’

t necessarily constitute more online safety. According to the non-profit group Get Safe Online, more than one in five of its 2009 survey respondents have been victims of online identity fraud.

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