8 03 2010

Isn’t it a relief to know that within today’s music industry, which places such emphasis on production speed and branding, there are still some bands without the major labels cramping their style? Homework are a self produced band that take their time moulding their craft into their own style in their own time and it is paying off, as these four fellows sound like no one else. The Depot recording studio in Edinburgh is now a second home to the Scottish quartet as they work on their debut album. Read the rest of this entry »


Inside the Mind of Rantum Scantum

3 03 2010

iMPULSE went to catch up with Bobby Nicholson and Eddy Hanson from the Edinburgh- based musical duo Rantum Scantum.  They are also part of the band, The Beau Nasties. We met up with them for a chat to find out what they’ve been up to.

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1 03 2010

Up and coming Scottish band Homework kindly allowed iMPULSE Magazine behind the scenes at The Depot Recording Studio, where it is busy recording its first album. Check out the Entertainment section for full video of the band rehearsing a number of new tracks.