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28 01 2011

Spartans: ‘Theatre of Dreams’

26 03 2010

What does the captain of Spartans Football Club have to do with Edward Scissorhands or fighting crime? Ask Dan Gerrard:

A couple of seasons ago Dan Gerrard was managing two of Scotland’s most prolific theatres, overseeing productions from Edward Scissorhands to The Singing Kettle.  These days, the box office has been replaced by turnstiles and prima donnas on the football pitch. His auditorium is Ainslie Park, home of Spartans FC, and his audience a band of loyal fans who consider their team Edinburgh’s third football force.

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Young Voters: Where are they all?

25 03 2010

A little less than half of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre’s 250 seats were full to hear a panel speak about the problem of getting young people to vote, of which a further half were the fabled young people themselves. The conference, called ‘How Can I Make a Difference?’, involved contributions from politicians and activists including Scottish Labour Party leader Iain Gray and ex-Scottish Youth Parliament chairman John Loughton, known for winning Big Brother Celebrity Hijack in 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

Risky Business: ‘Red letter’ at another level

25 03 2010

Ever considered buying a red letter for a friend or loved one? Bored of the same old choices? Hot air-ballooning or rally driving experiences not their bag? They why not treat them to something a little more extreme. Read the rest of this entry »

A Korea in Gaming

24 03 2010

Gamers were once stigmatised in Western society as skinny, pale-faced geeks with no social life. Although sometimes fitting, this stereotype is changing as gaming becomes more mainstream.

In South Korea, gamers are superstars – poster boys for adolescent girls – who easily attract audiences of 100,000 to arenas most often used for pop concerts. Pro-gaming is not an underground competition away from the spotlights. The tournaments are played during TV’s prime time. The players are celebrities earning tons of cash and respect throughout the country and its borders. Read the rest of this entry »

Pop-up pornography

10 03 2010

After the success of Avatar last year, 3D has become a significant transition for new visual technology. Despite having to still wear the big awkward (yet more stylish) glasses, people have welcomed it with open arms.

“It’s a moment of television history,” said Alan Parry, the commentator at the match. “You’ll see every shot, every tackle and every save in a way you’ve never seen before. I’m sure it will revolutionise the way we watch live sports.”

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8 03 2010

Isn’t it a relief to know that within today’s music industry, which places such emphasis on production speed and branding, there are still some bands without the major labels cramping their style? Homework are a self produced band that take their time moulding their craft into their own style in their own time and it is paying off, as these four fellows sound like no one else. The Depot recording studio in Edinburgh is now a second home to the Scottish quartet as they work on their debut album. Read the rest of this entry »